New mothers are always concerned and scared at the same time when it comes to taking care of their baby’s skin and hair care. We always recommend mommies to use gentle and mild products for their kids. You need to understand that baby hair has just started developing at this stage. Therefore, it will be very fragile, and a considerable amount of wash in the hair routine is sufficient.

Moisturizing Baby Hair

Hair Wash

While cleansing the baby hair, there are a few steps, which you may follow:

  • Firstly, apply lukewarm water to wet the hair. Too cold or hot water may directly affect the scalp of the baby or infant.
  • Put a pea-sized amount of mild shampoo conditioners for kids. Shea Butter is an excellent ingredient for moisturizing the baby scalp and hair ends.
  • The scalp of your baby may look dry and leaves flakes. This is mainly due to new skin or cell formation. Use dry scalp shampoos that can soothe the scalp skin better.
  • Massage well through his head until you see small lathers growing. This is a great technique to initiate blood circulation well. Hair follicles grow better once the massaging is done correctly. You can also rinse thoroughly with the help of a soft damp cloth.
  • When you are selecting any conditioner, try avoiding it if your baby is less than nine months. You can otherwise apply conditioner on your kid’s damp hair. Wait for 4-5 minutes and then wash it off nicely.
  • Using natural essential oils while bathing your baby is a brilliant idea. Jojoba oil, almond, and even coconut oil are healthy for hair root strengthening.

Hair Styling

The growing age of your baby is a bit risky. Therefore, we suggest not messing with their hair using hair styling accessories. Too many rubber bands or beads tend to damage the hair strands. Even the hair grows loose and often results in breakage and spilled ends. To avoid such situations, you can simply let the way your baby’s hair as it is. You may go for cotton rubber bands for styling their hair.

Hair Loss Issues   

After birth until one year, you may notice the baby’s hair is not growing much.  Even in some cases, hair loss also takes place. Hair thinning or drying scalp with irritation is common during all this time. Do not panic in such conditions. Use the mild oils to calm the scalp issues.

Cradle cap is another problem that occurs in most babies. However, it goes away with time automatically. In case you notice it is not wearing off after regular hair cleansing, then you may consult a doctor regarding this.

Natural Home Remedy for Baby Hair    

Do you want to strengthen the baby’s hair? Well, here are some natural masks that you can use for your baby without leading any side effects.

Use honey in your baby’s diet or apply it directly with some essential oils on his hair. This helps to fight against loose and damaged hair problems.

If you are searching for a protein-based mask for your baby and you, go for egg yolks. Separate the white portion. Apply the yolk and keep it for 10-15 minutes. Then you can wash it nicely. You will be amazed to get the bouncy natural hair. While cleansing the hair, use the gentle shampoos for kids to avoid the pungent smell of the yolk.

Many mothers want to see their baby girl getting long hair soon. Here is the solution for them. Try applying a yogurt mask. It is natural and works miraculously. The presence of calcium and vitamins nourishes the hair and helps it to grow fast.