The general feeling among women is that painting their nails is easy, and almost everyone knows how to do it. Surprisingly, it is not at all true. We have learned about painting our nails through Google articles, YouTube videos, and social media interactions. The best way to learn how to get the best DND nails is by practicing. An experienced professional can guide you through the process. This article proposes to make it simple for everyone to learn how to apply DND polish on their nails and get the perfect nail manicure.

Tips on How to Paint Your Nails with DND Nail Polish

Tips on How to Paint Your Nails

Collect the ingredients and keep them handy

Would you like to go searching at the last minute for the acetone bottle to remove the nail polish smudges on your skin? Your polish could dry out before you locate it. Therefore, the best solution is to keep the necessary ingredients handy.

  1. Your choice of nail polish color.
  2. The basecoat is necessary if you opt for crazy or dark colors. It will prevent the dyeing of your nails.
  3. The topcoat makes your nail polish look radiant and shining.
  4. The nail trimming ingredients like fingernail clippers, cuticle trimmers, orangewood sticks, nail file, and nail buffer.
  5. Cotton swabs and nail polish remover are essential to remove any excess polish sticking to your fingers.

When selecting your favorite nail polish, you can go through the entire range of DND nail polish to make an informed choice.

Simple things to take care of before getting the ideal nail manicure

Your nail painting job can take some time. During this period, you cannot touch anything. Hence, it is better to do the following things before you start painting your nails:

Have a snack as no one would like to eat with messy hands.

Visit the restroom as it would not be possible to use it during the manicure.

Long hair needs to be tied back as nail strands can stick to your nail polish and damage the manicure.

Ensure that you do not touch anything during your manicure.

Prepare your nails for the manicure

Use the sterilized nail file and get your nails in shape. Trim the edges and ensure they are smooth without any sharp edges. Otherwise, you could experience lifting of the nail polish at the edges.

Get the cuticles out of the way by pushing them back into their grooves gently. Though experts advise against trimming them, you can do so if they protrude too much. It is best to use an orangewood pusher as it is gentle on your nails.

The first coat is critical

It is tempting to go for a thick coat to help speed up the nail manicure. However, you should note that thicker coats take a long time to dry. While a thick coat can take up to 20 minutes to dry, a thin coat should not take more than 10 minutes.

Secondly, you should ensure to leave a millimeter gap at the nail base. You should ensure not to take the nail polish right up to the cuticles or the skin at the sides of your nails. If you leave a gap at the edges, you need minimal cleanup at the end. You also find that there is no lifting of the nails at the edges.

Wait for the coat to dry

Generally, you try to touch your nails to confirm the polish is dry. It can smudge your nail polish if the coat is wet. This simple tip can prevent the smudging of your DND daisy nail polish.

You can touch your polished nails together. If they stick to each other, your nail polish needs further drying. If they do not feel tacky, the nails are ready for another coat.

However, when pressing the nails with your hands, you should not press hard to smudge the polish.

Have your additional coats if you need them

While it is essential to have a thin first coat, it is also necessary to have a couple of additional coats of nail polish to get perfect DND nails. While doing so, the nail polish should not touch the cuticles or the skin.

You should give them enough time to dry before adding more coats. If the polish does not dry out, it can lead to smudges or bumps on the nails.

The topcoat application lends the necessary luster

After the nail polish coat, your nails need a topcoat application. The topcoat makes your nail polish shining and radiant. While applying the topcoat, you should ensure to take the topcoat over the nail’s edge. One should seal the edges to keep the polish looking radiant for extended periods.

If you apply gel polish, each application requires curing under the UV lamp.


We have discussed some simple tips that could help you get the best nail polish manicure. Use high-quality nail polish like DND gel nail polish for a perfect job.