In the olden days, it used to take time for any fashion to become popular. If a specific style originated in the US, it would take more than a fortnight or a month for people on the Eastern side to know about it. Today, technology has improved to such an extent that news travels faster than the speed of light. You have social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest where information can reach the far corners of the world instantly. As you scroll your Instagram account looking for new fashion trends, you will find dipping powder featuring with amazing regularity. Let us see what a dipping powder manicure is and understand the things to know before you get your Nugenesis dip powder nails.

Step by Step Apply Dipping Powder Nails

A dip powder manicure is a recent innovation where you dip your fingernails repeatedly into the dip powder bottle of your favorite color. The process is simple, and you can try it out at home.

Cleaning your nails is the prime step in a dip powder manicure. It is better to use a sterilized nail file to bring your nail into the desired shape. Use a lint-free cotton wipe to remove the debris. An orangewood cuticle pusher should be ideal for pushing the cuticles into their grooves.

The second step involves the basecoat application. It is advisable to leave out a millimeter or so from the cuticle area when applying the basecoat layer.

The next step involves dipping your fingernails into the dip powder bottle. You get an exciting range of dipping powder in various colors. As you would have excess powder sticking to your fingers, you can use a brush to dust it off.

The activator gel application is the next step that activates the chemicals present in the dipping powder and binds it to the basecoat. The topcoat application is the final layer. It provides the necessary gloss to your nails and makes them look resplendent.

Things to know before you get your dip powder nails

The benefit of dip powder manicures is that they are gentle on your nails and skin. These dip manicures use a special sealant to let the dip powder ingredients bind with the basecoat. There is no use for a UV lamp. Hence, you avoid UV exposure on your hands.

Compared to other nail manicures like gel polish or acrylic, dipping powder manicures are the easiest. There is no question of using the dominant hand as it does not involve any painting on the nails. Besides, a dipping powder manicure requires less precision as the powder sticks to the basecoat and the sealant and not on your cuticles. Hence, there are fewer chances of it chipping off.

Dipping powder is available in a range of fantastic colors. The entire range of Nugenesis nail colors on display can ensure you might not have to repeat the same color in your lifespan.

The most important quality of a dipping powder manicure is that these Nugenesis dip powder are incredibly durable. A properly-done manicure can comfortably last for more than three to four weeks. However, you should ensure to keep your nails and cuticles moisturized all the time.

The crucial point about dip powder nails is that the manicure is not available at all nail salons. One should check up the sanitary aspects that the salons follow before venturing for a dip powder manicure. If you have multiple people dipping their fingernails into the same bottle, it increases nail infection risks. Hence, it is advisable to use your products and, safer still, opt for a DIY job.

Removing dip powder can be challenging. As cyanoacrylate, also known as Krazy Glue, is the sealant’s primary ingredient, it can take time for its removal. You might need to soak your nails longer in acetone. It can have dangerous side-effects because acetone is a dehydrating agent. It is advisable to let your fingernails rest for a week after removal before you attempt the next manicure.

Dipping powder is the recommended option if you lead an active lifestyle. It lasts long and does not chip off easily as compared to other manicures. There is no UV light exposure, and hence, a dip powder manicure is healthiest for your nails and skin.

As dipping powder manicures are the latest trends, you have women worldwide adopting them wholeheartedly. One should note not to invest in low-quality dipping powder products. It is advisable to purchase the best Nugenesis dip powder dipping powder products to get the most encouraging results. Though many people advise you to visit a nail salon for a dip powder manicure, it is easy to master the technique at home. You end up with a hygienic job and save money and time in the bargain.


Now, you can show off your exciting dipping powder manicures on your Instagram posts and gain your friends’ admiration.