To every woman, Happiness is freshly painted nails. It gives a certain touch of sparkle that no jewelry or makeup could compete with. 

“Nail polish is like the icing on the beauty cake.” – Mary Helen Bowers

If you are a Nail lover, you must have heard about nail gel colors. If not, don’t worry girl! Today, we are going to discuss everything about nail gel polish, especially about the trending OPI nail polish. Let’s dove right in!

Firstly, let’s get to know what Gel Nails actually are?

What are Gel Nails? 

Gel nails are basically a thin brush-on formula, conceived to give a glossier look as compared to the normal acrylic nail colors. And when it comes to OPI gel nail colors, these are undoubtedly the best. 

Now, you might be thinking why did I showcased them as the best? or Why are they different, right?

The answer to your question is OPI Gel colors are designed for high performance. Also, they last for around 3 weeks and look shinier and more intense than the random ones. 

Now that you are aware of the OPI gel polish, let’s discover other questions that surely would have aroused in your mind! 

Are OPI gel colors safe for nails?

100%… OPI gel polish leaves you with a magnificent look. They are designed for less damage for your nails. There are chances to damage your nails when you try to peel them off from your nail beds. OPI gel polish is used by professionals. Also, they come in multifarious shades to choose from.

What is an OPI Gel Manicure?

The prime difference between the random nail colors and gel colors is curing. While applying each coat, the OPI gel colors are cured under a special LED light. There’s a whole different process of applying gel colors by professionals. Your nails will feel and look phenomenal. 

How long do OPI gel polish last?

Here comes the major benefits of OPI gel polish. When you are in a Holiday mood, OPI gel colors can be your savior. You won’t believe but, yes! These colors last for almost 3 long weeks. And that too with the same shine. Simply, gel colors are not much costlier and still they are much more efficacious than regular nail colors. You can save more time and money spending in the salon. OPI gel colors offer superior coating and long-lasting wear. It also gets chipped less compared to the regular ones.

Now that you know about OPI gel colors, let’s explore some fun facts about these super amazing nail colors

Are you ready to change your nail game after knowing about the OPI gel colors? Are you also thinking to switch from your regular nail colors to Gel colors? There are many benefits of these nail colors. And there are many shades to choose from. 

Six fun facts about the OPI gel polish and colors:

OPI gel polish colors are available in more than 140+ shades. When it comes to choosing from these, they have some mind-boggling colors that every woman is going to love. Give your nails an elegant look by these OPI gel polish colors.

Every woman hates nails that are chipped easily or gets removed faster. With these gel colors, you will spend less time on the salon and do things that you love the most.

Easy nail removal at your home in just a few minutes. 

OPI’s gel color leaves with an unbeatable shine and stronger nails. 

OPI uses a Tru Cure technology for your nails.

OPI gel colors are safer and healthier for your nails, leaving beautiful and shinier nails because there is nothing worse than damaged nails. 

Here are some tips for removing your nail gel color safely. When it comes to removing your OPI gel colors, you can also do it from your comfort zone. Let’s cut the clutter for YOU!

Firstly, use a nail filer to break the seal on each nail’s sidewalls.

Now, take a cotton ball dipped into nail polish remover or acetone and put it directly on your nails.

Keep these cotton balls for about 10-15 minutes on your nail beds.

Now, gently press and twist the foil and cotton off!

Take a cuticle stick and gently remove the remaining gel color from your nails 

Time to cleanse your nails to keep them hydrated and protected from damage.


So, did you rethink about getting your gel nails done? Get shinier and stronger healthy nails with the OPI gel polish and colors.