Acrylic color powder is a very popular product line in the nail market. It is widely used in the design and shaping of nail art. Powder acrylic nails is a nail style loved by many women and young girls all over the world. Because it can form many different shapes and styles of nails, it helps to add unique beauty and attractiveness to your hands. Below the page we will share to our readers is the most accurate acrylic powder nail colors and how to make acrylic nails available in our salon.

About Acrylic Powder Colors Nail

How to Make an Acrylic Color Powder Nail Set

Few of us think about the fact that acrylic powder has many applications. Recently, it has been successfully used in dentistry, leveling the surface of fillings. The substance is a synthetic polymer powder that hardens in contact with a special liquid, called a monomer.

The interaction of powder with liquid (monomer) is rapid solidification. This shows the need for both neat and quick work. Otherwise, it may be necessary to rework the poor-quality results. A distinctive feature of this substance is the ability to fill small cracks, as a result of which it is possible to restore a smooth and smooth surface of the nail.

Acrylic color powder nail is one of the most popular manicure methods today, with this nail method, nail technicians can unleash a lot of nail designs from simple, personal, luxurious and sophisticated. Acrylic powder color is created using a polymer (powder) and a monomer (liquid). When combined together, a hard plastic is created, and it will be attached directly to the nails without the use of any lights.

Advantages of Acrylic Colors Powder!

Powder acrylic has a lot of advantages. For example, due to its porous structure, it allows nails to breathe, which is important for nail growth and health. In addition, the hard powder coats the surface of the nail, resisting splitting and brittleness of the nail. It also protects the nail plate from environmental elements. This powder protects nails from exposure to cold and ultraviolet radiation, not allowing them to damage or discolor under the constant influence of household chemicals. A quality product in the working process forms a smooth coating without any bubbles and discontinuity. Acrylic powder is good and the fact that it does not harm the nails.

Acrylic powders come in a wide range of colors, so you can choose from and create countless beautiful shadows for yourself or your clients. With just a thin layer of powder, your nails will look very natural and still vibrant. Besides that, this type of power is applied and removes easily and it does not take too much time to complete.

The time that your nails can keep when using acrylic powder is up to 4 weeks.

Steps to Make Acrylic Nails

First, clean the nails by wiping and clipping the nails, cutting off the rough dead skin, and then applying artificial polish.

The manicurist will then wet the brush with a monomer. The substances in the monomer will help prevent UV absorption to prevent yellowing of nails and wetting to enhance adhesion.

Then apply the polymer to the monomer to create a small bead on the nail, which is used to blend the natural nail. (You may not know, Polymer is made up of material that absorbs ultraviolet rays to prevent the nails from yellowing, colorants to give the powder a light pink color, or titanium dioxide to give the nails a white color.) as natural color).

After the nails harden and dry in the air, the manicurist will begin to polish and decorate as usual.

You can use acrylic powder not only at the nail salon but also at home if you apply the right acrylic powder nail technique, know the basics of the operation, you can quickly master the technique at home and anywhere. If you study and practice, it won’t be as difficult as you think, but every method has its good and bad sides. For this, it is necessary to prepare adequate tools and good acrylic dipping powders to minimize the harmful effects of frequent manicure.

Final thought

The amazing nail designs with acrylic nails really make this manicure even more worthwhile. And now that you know the right way to do powder nails at home, you can try it yourself without spending time and money going to the nail salon.