Do you know how to take care of hair after the perm? While buying shampoo and conditioner, you need to ensure the products are created for chemically treated hair. If you use a shampoo that includes harsh ingredients, it can further dry out the permed hair. When you use shampoo, make sure to create foam so that chemicals get neutralized.

Learn to Shampoo & Condition for Permed Hair

How Long Should You Wait Before Washing the Hair after a Perm?

You must remember that most of the chemicals get washed away when the hairdresser rinses the hair in the salon. However, it is still important to wash the hair properly. According to hair care experts, you can wash the hair using normal water 48 hours after the perm.

You need to permit the hair to normalize the chemicals from the perm. Hence, when you start applying shampoos, the chemicals will open up the hair shafts. This process will make the hair return to its normal state. However, after the perm, the hair should not be washed with shampoo for at least 72 hours because it can ruin the curls.

How to Wash a Perm Using a Shampoo?

  • After getting newly permed hair, you should not wash the hair using any shampoo for at least 3 days. If you wash the hair using a shampoo, the chemicals will wash, and the effects won’t last for long.
  • Before using shampoo, make sure the product suits your hair type. For instance, people who have naturally greasy hair should get the best drugstore shampoo for oily hair.
  • While shampooing, make sure you don’t rub the hair strands excessively because the hair can turn frizzy. Permed hair is very brittle and porous.
  • After rinsing the hair with normal water, you need to apply a conditioner to reduce any harm and moisturize the hair strands. Wash the hair strands again and let them air dry.
  • Once the hair has turned dry, you should use a wide tooth comb to remove any tangles. Repeat this process once every week.

How Many Times to Wash Permed Hair?

Although the process seems simple, most people don’t shampoo the permed hair correctly. Then, they face flaking and scalp irritation. You are free to decide how frequently to wash your hair. However, you need to follow some norms based on the hair type.

Thick, Rough Hair or Tight Curls

If you have this type of hair, then avoid washing the hair more than once every week. To protect hair from damage, you should use suitable shampoo and conditioner for permed hair. Never wash the hair regularly because it can turn your hair dry. After shampooing, you must wash the hair and apply a conditioner to nourish the hair strands.

Medium Locks and Waves

You should apply shampoo once every week. Even if you miss using shampoo, there is no reason to worry because applying a bit of freshener can also turn the locks look magnificent. Those who exercise should wash their hair while applying shampoo to create better foams.

Delicate Locks and Waves

People who have sensitive hair find their locks appear greasy. You will find this problem mainly after using hair styling tools regularly. Applying shampoo twice every week can reduce the problem. In case this trick doesn’t work, you should use gentle hair styling products.

Other than the hair type, the water condition in your city will affect the dryness or greasiness. Hence, you should increase or decrease the number of times you shampoo hair based on water quality.


We hope now you understand how to take care of permed hair. You must avoid washing the hair for at least 48 hours after getting permed. However, washing the hair using shampoo is an important process so that the chemicals get washed away after 3 days of getting permed hair.