Experimenting with different nail polish shades can be exciting, especially if you have a quality product like DND daisy gel polish. You get a fantastic assortment of colors that offer you the full license to experiment with as many color combinations as possible. Mind you, the dual-color gel nail polish combos can look more enticing than the traditional single-toned nail colors. Here are some exciting color combinations you should try out the next time you sit for a nail manicure.

Top Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos

Dark Royal Blue and Noble Gold

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

The blue and bold combination can be the perfect one to give your nails a regal appearance. The dark royal blue shades match beautifully with the golden embellishments to add several notches to your attraction quotient. You can have this exciting combination in many ways, but the best is having the golden base in the form of a triangle with the dark royal blue shade sitting over it, encompassing the entire nail. Your DND nail polish set offers this exciting combo to make your nails stand out from the rest.

The Lavender-Peach Combo

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

If you love French manicures, you are a fan of the dual-color combos. You can experiment with the lavender-peach combination differently to create a unique French manicure design. Generally, you have the French manicure with a lighter hue painted at the top edge of the nail to accentuate its looks. However, if you love to experiment, you can have the peach shade gently diagonally peeping out from the lavender base, right at the edges of your nails.

The Black and White Harmony

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

French manicures are beautiful to have, especially the traditional designs with the white color topping the edges and the darker shades forming the base. However, have you ever tried out the reverse French manicure with the white dominating the nails and the blacks at the base of the nail forming a crescent-shaped design? This design is trending today, with the younger brigade displaying the guts required to experiment differently.

The Milky White and Raspberry Look

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

The milky white and raspberry look should be perfect if you love nail art designs. The beauty of the white shade is that you can paint the entire nail with it to serve as the perfect base for carving out your cherished designs using an assortment of exciting colors like lemon yellow and raspberry. These fruity colors gel beautifully with the white and make your nails look gorgeous, filled with the most exquisite designs. DND daisy gel polish offers you one of the best ranges of color combos to enhance your enticement quotient.

The Light Brown and Gold Combo

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

People who love metallic shades cannot do without having the golden hue in some form or the other on their nails. While the plain golden hues look ravishing, they somehow deliver a monotonous appearance. You can experiment with having an exciting combination of light brown and gold in varying designs to augment the attraction quotient. This color combo suits women with a tanned look because the light brown shades beautifully match the skin color to deliver the nude look. The gold serves as the perfect icing on the cake.

The Brown, Tangerine, and White Combo

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

While dual-color designs enhance the excitement factor, you can take it a bit further by going for a triple-colored combo. The perfect match should be dark brown, tangerine, and white. It will be excellent if you have the white shade in a U-shaped design starting from the base and extending along the sides of the nail. The tangerine lining could be just above the white, with the dark brown shade completing the design and occupying the bilk portion of the nail surface. This combo suits the fair-skinned beauties more.

Varying Shades of Gray

Seven Exciting Dual Color Gel Nail Polish Combos to Cherish

When you think of dual colors, you do not always have to go for contrasting hues. The same color in different shades can look equally glamorous. For example, you can have two shades of gray on the nail and still look extremely attractive. In addition, the gray colors look enticing on people with fair skin tones. Depending on your fairness quotient, you can adjust the varying gray shades to match your skin tone in the best possible manner. Your DND nail polish set offers you the luxury of choosing from an exciting range of gray shades with varying degrees of brightness.

Final Thoughts

Multiple color designs are gradually trending today, with the younger brigade taking the lead in experimenting with full enthusiasm. The days of having a monochromatic nail manicure are vanishing fast, as you have the older women emulating their daughters and switching over to the latest fashion trends. DND nail polish plays its role to perfection as it offers the most exhaustive range of gel color combinations for people to try out and enhance their attraction quotient.