Miseries of people with acne prone skin are endless. First, they have to get rid of the horrible acne break outs. Once they are finally gone, they have to get rid of the spots they have left on face. Acne spots look extremely unpresentable and make the person feel insecure about their skin and appearance. We have selected few of the best products to treat acne spots. You really need to try these and benefit from their wonderful features.

ETUDE HOUSE Soon Jung Mild Defense Sunscreen

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Soon Jung by ETUDE HOUSE is the best Korean sunscreen to protect you from harmful radiations of sun that make the acne spots worse and difficult to get rid of. The Ultra Violet protective ingredients protect the skin from the environmental stress and reflect back all the rays. It gives a relaxed and refreshed feeling to the skin. It blends perfectly and does not clog pores in the skin. The non-greasy texture makes it light weight and non-sticky.

TreeActiv Invisible Acne Spot Treatment

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The TreeActiv acne spot treatment is an amazing product to be applied on skin before makeup. It protects the acne spots from being clogged by the makeup products which can worsen the situation. The natural ingredients work amazingly within the deeper layers of skin and clarify the skin from within the pores. All the ingredients in this product are non comedogenic and free from synthetic additives, making it perfectly skin friendly.

CeraVe Retinol Serum for Post-Acne Marks and Skin

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CeraVe retinol serum is perfect to get a smooth and even skin with a perfect texture. It helps you get rid of any type of post acne spots either it be hormonal or just a skin reaction. Regular use of the serum makes the skin bright and radiant with the elimination all the spots and blemishes on skin. It improves the overall appearance of skin and makes it look healthy and youthful. The serum is free from artificial additives.

Earth’s Care Sulfur Acne Spot Treatment

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The Earth’s care acne spot treatment is totally vegan and formulated especially to get rid of post acne marks. Its botanical essences aid the skin in the healing process and make it clear. It improves the texture of skin and makes it smoother and brighter. All its ingredients are cruelty-free and were never tested on animals. The product is dermatologically tested to be skin friendly.

COSRX AHA/BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

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Formulated with AHA and BHA, this mist type skin toner by COSRX is one of the best Korean toner. It helps the skin rejuvenate and makes it look younger and healthier. The deep exfoliation of skin cells eliminates acne spots and blemishes from skin. It evens the skin tone and helps in improving the texture, making the skin look smooth and vibrant. It gives an attractive glow to the skin.

LEROSETT Spot Treatment & Clay Mask

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This spot treatment is perfect to treat not only acne spots but any kind of dark spots or blemishes on the skin. It decreases oil production so prevents further acne breakout and speeds up healing process. The clay mask helps in uplifting the skin cells and improves texture.


Only the people with acne prone skin know how hard it is to get rid of both acne and acne spots. They make the skin look unhealthy and completely change its texture from smooth to rough and bumpy. For all those people, our list of best acne spot treatment products is there to assist and help you getting out of this situation. All the products are dermatologically tested and proven to be safe and skin friendly. Use any of these products regularly and get amazing results within few days.