Mardi Gras is a holiday renowned for its festive nature. The event refers to carnival celebration and when we say carnival, we know how festive things can get. From the parades to the outrageous outfits to the nails, everything scream festivity and loud. Purple, green and green are some of the most prominent colors that you can use to mix and match on your fingernails. Using LDS dip powder colors you can easily achieve this look.

Get ready to get wild on Fat Tuesday and have lots of fun getting your nails ready for the celebration. Prepare to express your glamorous and fabulous side as this celebration is everything but subtle. Here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Glitter and Glam

If you are going to get glamorous why settle for one color? Combine glittered green, gold and purple to incorporate the holiday’s signature trio colors. You’ll surely fall in love with the spark of this one.

2. Mixed Glitter French Manicure

Have you ever combined several glitter colors in one the tip of your nails? If not yet, this is the best season to do it. It is up to you how you want to do it but we assure you that it will be fab. If you are feeling a bit extra, you can hand paint some lines for an astonishing finish.

3. Golds and Multi-colored stars

Got almond-shaped tips? Well we got a nail design idea for you. Cover the tip with gold and scatter some multi-colored stars around the nails for a nail art that screams extravagance.

4. Fab Trio

Again gold, purple and green is the color for this occasion and there are tons of ways to create a look using those three shades. For this one, paint the tip of the nails with purple and green (half and half) then put a gold line between them using a gold nail tape.

5. Rainbow Bling Manicure

Planning to celebrate Mardi Gras in a true big style? The best way to do that would be to cover your nails with stripes of gold and rainbow gemstones. This bling-y manicure will give you the feels and make you standout.

6. Single Nail Spotlight

Top drawer nail art is not your thing? Well, why not try this single nail art idea. Paint all four nails with a single purple color then jazz up the ring finger with a delicate fleur de lis pattern.

7. Fat Tuesday Manicure

Fat Tuesday is the last day of the carnival season, meaning after than you are expected to lay low a little. It’s your last day to be extra fab so your nails should not suffer. Create a sparkly Fat Tuesday ready nails by covering your black nails with glitters.

8. Unicorn Inspired Nails

Unicorn on Mardi gras? Why not? I mean if we are talking about being festive, there is no other creature that is as festive as a unicorn. It is so fun to look at and it gives nothing but good vibes. OPI dip nail will help you get this look easily.

9. Jewel of the Occasion

Want to keep it simple? Paint your nail with the signature holiday color then let one nail really shine with glitters. This look may appear understated but once done right, it will give you the doozie look you are aiming for.

10. Glitters all the way

Don’t be afraid to use glitters. After all, Mardi Gras is all about glitters, beads and colors and there is no other occasion in the entire year where you are allowed to use this much glitz so might as well make use of it.